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      3-Prevacuum Autoclave (SEA-15L--B-LED)

      3-Prevacuum Autoclave (SEA-15L--B-LED)
      • Category : Medical devices/Other Devices
      • Specification: SEA-15L--B-LED
      • Standard : Class-B
      • Supply Ability : Negotiation
      • Description :
      • A fractionated vacuum autoclave meeting European Standards for B Cycles, vacuums to 0.70 bar 3 times during conditioning of the chamber for sterilization and vacuums to dryness Of = 0.2 % humidity. Its universal B cycle sterilizes wrapped, unwrapped hollow or solid Instruments. B+ porous cycle is installed to handle cotton sterilizations. It also provides Bowie & Dick test. Printer is optional. TypeVoltagePowerCapacityChamber sizePacking sizeWeightV/HZWLMMMMKGSYI-15220/50180015230*360645*500*425G:48(N:39)
      Contact Info
      Company: Ningbo Runyes Medical instrument Co.,Ltd.
      Area: China/Zhejiang
      Contact: Miss liu
      Tel: 0574-27709922
      Email: runyes@runyes.com
      Fax: 0574-27709923
      Web site: http://www.runyes.com
      Add: No.456,Tonghui Road,Jiangbei Investment & Pioneering Park C,Ningbo,315000,China
      P.C.: 315033
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