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    1. Gold Suppliers > ningbo tianci medical equipment co.,ltd > icu twin pendant double arm model [mst1200+1200]

      Contact: tianci
      Tel: 0574-63289926
      Fax: 0574-58982058

      icu twin pendant double arm model [mst1200+1200]

      icu  twin pendant double arm model [mst1200+1200]
      • Brand Name : tianci medical
      • Category : Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment
      • Description :
      • it  madeof aluminum-magnesium alloy die-coating molding with electrostically powder-coated finishes.the der and wet arms are designed separately,providing the largset work area ane maximun placement capacity ,specifically using in the intensive care unit.


      Contact Info
      Contact: tianci
      Tel: 0574-63289926
      Email錛?/td> skyway@nbtianci.cn
      Fax錛?/td> 0574-58982058
      Web site錛?/td> http://www.nbtianci.cn
      Add錛?/td> Zhejiang Lianfa road Cixi City Kandun Industrial Park No. 125
      P.C.錛?/td> 315303
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